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"I'm looking for a few more  


Are you tired of feeling stuck and insecure in your life?

Do you look in the mirror and see just another face? 

Do you experience anxious thoughts on the daily and not know how to manage them? 

Do you know you were made for more but are unsure what that "more" is?

 Apply for DIVINE GODDESS ACADEMY where I'll show you how to HEAL yourself so that you can look in the mirror and LOVE what you see, manage your anxiety and negative self talk and tap into your DIVINE PURPOSE!

Divine Goddess Academy

  • The ultimate program for you to deeply heal all of the past blocks that are holding you back from being your authentic self 
  • ​Learn how to love yourself so that you attract the dream partnership you desire
  • Stop letting the validation from others determine your overall happiness 
  • ​Tap into your Divine Purpose and wake up feeling fufilled

Very Limited Spots - Apply Here Now

Are you ready to look in the mirror and actually start believing the affirmations you tell yourself?

Let me guess...

  • You never feel pretty enough, cool enough, or worthy enough
  • You go to a social outings and come home drained because you always feel like you are putting on this act to be able to "fit in"
  • You wakes up and immediately dread the day ahead. You go into work, don't totally feel all there and can’t wait to just get home and go back to sleep
  • You often think "ok tomorrow I'm going to show up for myself and prioritize me"...but tomorrow comes and you don't take any steps towards doing so and end up shaming yourself.
  • You are either single and hating it because you crave love from others or you're in a toxic relationship and feel the need to stay because you like the attention and don't love yourself
  • You constantly living in your head and you don't know how to manage your anxiety or any negative thoughts that arise
  • You struggle setting boundaries and end up saying yes to everything, even though deep down you soul wants you to say no
  • You constantly prioritize other people's needs above your own which leaves you feeling burnout and exhausted
  • You're so deeply craving HEALING in your life so you can life out your fullest purpose. 

If that's's ok! There is another way.

listen to what our clients are saying...

"After working with Kelsey I have been able to show up more confidently in my own purpose, navigate the ups & downs and have been able to find my own voice..."
“One week I was crying hysterically, the next week I was energized, motivated & finally out of my own way.."
"I wake up feeling grateful & happy. I am confident in my relationships & my career..."

Do you see their results? 

So many Goddesses are trying to achieve self love on their own and that just doesn't work!

So many Goddesses are settling for the mediocre relationships because they don't have love for themselves...

They don't know how to set boundaries, people please like crazy and are constantly waiting for someone else to validate rather than validating themselves...

They don't have the belief in themselves and they don't think they are worthy of going for more...


Work with an expert that can help you become self aware. 
So you can recognize triggers, what's holding you back, and learn the way you respond. 

Be in a group of women that help you stay committed to yourself and your goals. 
When you're committed to your self love, you'll become the person who takes action on their dreams. 

You need to be coached through tough love. Tough love IS self love. 
You have to be willing to be lovingly called out either by me as your coach OR be willing to call yourself out on your own shit. 

Divine Goddess Academy

Mentorship isn't like taking an online course. In a mentorship you'll get expert advice that is relevant to your exact life. It's like your personal game plan for healing.

1 weekly group coaching calls + meet bi-weekly with Kelsey for a 1:1 > so you can deeply heal all of the blocks that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams 
Access Materials to step by step healing modalities, self love tools, and lessons > so that you can access support outside of our calls! 
Access to the Unplugged Goddess Membership where we have a library of yoga classes, meditations, monthly workshops and self care hangs!  > your dream life requires you to heal your physical body as well as your spiritual being....most Goddesses miss this step
Clients that sign up for DGA will receive a FREE invitation to Voxer Group Coaching > so that you never feel stuck even in between our coaching sessions. You'll be able to feel supported throughout this whole journey. 

Results others are getting


Hey Goddess! 

You're here so it means that you're tired of feeling stuck, you're ready to finally own your power, show up confidently when you walk into a room, start healing and find your divine purpose.
After Kelsey was absolutely sick of being in the toxic relationship cycle, struggling with anxiety and self worth, exhausted from being someone she wasn't just to please others and being her own worst critic....she realized she couldn't do it anymore... 

After years of struggling with anxiety, confidence and a negative mindset, Kelsey made a change in 2017 and got out of her own way. She started on her own self love and healing journey and knew that she needed to be a voice for other women out there who were feeling stuck, just like she was. 

After years of struggles and challenges, she finally had a break through AKA woke tf up & started healing. She has created healing modalities that allows for Spiritual, badass and excited Goddesses like us to leave the toxic relationships, show up confident AF and ACTUALLY start loving who you truly are ✨

What happened when she applied these modalities to her own life?
  • CYA toxic relationship!
  • Knows how to manage anxiety & lives happily in the present
  • Healed her past stories & doesn't allow them to define her
  • Started owning her gifts AKA divine purpose 
  • Became a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and uses this coaching to literally transform the lives of women so they can look in the mirror and know who TF are and take off the mask they're hiding under
After starting her life coaching business, she enrolled women and has successfully helped them develop self love, remove their limiting beliefs, see how worthy they are and live out their purpose feeling fulfilled!

Hello Divine Goddess Academy!

The 3 Month Mentorship for Goddesses to deeply heal so that you have the CONFIDENCE, RELATIONSHIPS & TAP INTO YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE!

Here's some of what we'll be doing:


  • Removing Limiting Beliefs & Past Trauma: Limiting beliefs and past trauma are what holds you back from radiating your light out into the world. The first part of our healing journey will be to make sure we start removing these. 


  • Imagery & Inner Work: This is where the meditation work comes in so that YOU can begin to heal and allow the releasing process to take place. YOU will be going on a transformational process that will allow you to start to feel more grounded and connected to your body so that you can start to manage your anxiety and emotions. 


  • Reprogramming & Confidence: This is where you will start the reprogramming process and really begin to step into your power. You will develop a self care practice that leaves you feeling energized and excited. You will learn confidence building techniques and set boundaries. 


  • Living Out Your Purpose: This is where the magic begins to happen. You'll have gone through the healing work and now can start to tap into your purpose. 

listen to what our students are saying...

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How will it work?

You will be on a divine healing journey which includes: 

  • ​Weekly Group Coaching Calls so you can connect with your Goddess tribe and receive weekly trainings from Kelsey 
  • ​Bi-weekly 1:1 calls with Kelsey to work through any areas you need extra support in and ensure you are moving forward towards your healing and self love goals
  • ​Daily support so you can feel seen, supported, loved and get the motivation you need to keep going
  • 1yr access to the members area which includes step by step healing modalities, meditations and lessons so that you can avoid ever feeling stuck and can continue your healing even after the 3 months is up
  • Get Support in your Private Facebook Group from Kelsey and your Goddess tribe
  • ​Clients that sign up for DGA will receive a FREE invitation to Voxer Group Coaching > so that you never feel stuck even in between our coaching sessions. This has proven to be the most profitable feature in this program
  • ​Within 3 weeks of working together, you'll be able to look in the mirror and actually start believing the affirmations you tell yourself! 

Perfect for you if:

You want to heal tffff out of your you can:

Show up confidently in your life and know your worth
Set safe and supportive boundaries with your friends and family 
You want to look in the mirror and remember who TF you are..
You're tired of your own shit and ready to get out of the way
You crave community and a sisterhood 

NOT for you if:

You are not Spiritual or open to the idea
You do not like to meditate or like holistic healing approaches
You aren't ready to do the work

Kelsey Is Qualified:

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Awaken Life Coaching, Inc.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

 Leap Yoga, Folsom, CA

Here's everything you are getting when you sign up:


3 months of weekly group coaching so you can feel supported and seen throughout your healing journey. You’ll get to connect with other women who feel the exact same way you do and who are on the same path as you. You will also be able to ask Kelsey your questions and receive weekly trainings.


1yr access to step by step healing modalities, meditations and lessons so that you can avoid ever feeling stuck and can continue your healing and self love journey even after the 3 months is up.  


So you can meet other Goddesses in the program and experience a sisterhood like you’ve never experienced before. These women just GET IT because you will all be on the same healing path. (You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with)


Receive a 30min call with Kelsey every 2 weeks to ensure you are the right path, address any of your concerns or areas you feel stuck and cheer you on through it all. 


You will gain FREE access to the Unplugged Goddess Membership where we have a library of yoga classes, meditations, monthly workshops and self care hangs! 

TOTAL VALUE: $28,153

You'll even get some juicy bonuses :)


Access to talk with me on a daily basis so that you never feel stuck even in between our sessions. You'll be able to feel supported throughout this whole journey. 


PAY IN FULL BONUS! Receive a professional photo shoot for an extra confidence boost! You'll be a whole new you by the end of these 3 months that you'll need to capture your new Goddess energy. 

"Kelsey, what if this doesn't work for me?"

You have two options: 

Option #1: You can stay in relationships/friendships that don’t serve you OR support you. You can constantly feel burnout and not able to be in the present moment because you live too much in your head. You can stay insecure and unable to attract the life you desire because you don't feel worthy of having it. You can continue with the mundane routine and live a life that is unfulfilling... 


Option #2: You apply everything I teach in DGA and by the end of the 3 months you'll be able to:

CONFIDENTLY show up in your life.
You'll leave the toxic relationships/friendships and start attracting the right people into your life because you now have SELF LOVE. You'll be able to live out of your head and manage your anxiety and emotions. You will deeply heal so you can live out your Divine Purpose feeling fulfilled. 

Option #2 Sounds much more glamorous to me. I know that investing in yourself can be scary but you know what's scarier...looking back on your life and thinking WOW I wish I would've just took my healing seriously instead of wasting all of that time "hoping" I would just feel better.

more client results...


I was seeking self love help! Now I am much more confident and put my happiness first always!! I love journaling now and stay much more organized. It is way more personal than any other program I’ve ever seen!! Going into it with an open mind and accept the help!


I really wanted to change my perspective and views in life and learn how to live life daily with self love. I am more confident, I value myself 1000000x more, and I’m always uplifting my friends in a positive way. I have no more jealousy of other girls. I value myself way more now. Kelsey is the sweetest and really cares about you. If you are thinking of working with her, TOTALLY DO IT! SOOOOO WORTH IT


I feel like I became more confident and more in tune with my mind. I truly think it’s let me view things a lot differently, it’s helped with my anxiety tremendously, and it’s let me allow myself to be me and set goals that truly resonate with me. If you are the fence about working with Kelsey, just do it. It’s so worth it. I think people put taking care of their mind and self on the back burner. You deserve self love and this will get you there!


I joined because I wanted to feel better and more self assured and confident. Since, I am fully loving myself everyday! I love to meditate and journal at least once a day. I make time to show up for me no matter how hard my day will be. I feel so confident and assured. I don’t have a constant nervous energy. I feel less stressed and like a weight has been lifted. I would highly recommend working with Kelsey. If you are on the fence, stop waiting to pick yourself and love yourself entirely and take the time for this! 


I joined because I felt that I needed to love myself more but i wasn't sure how to do so. Since, I feel AMAZING! The program is absolutely life changing, I am so glad I put the time into the program!! My mindset is more positive on a daily, also I am more confident in what I say. So glad I took the step to love myself and put myself first. My life is forever changed!! If you thinking about joining, just do it!! Absolutely worth every penny and I am still continuously using what I have learned!


I joined because I needed to learn how to practice more self love and acceptance. I have a much more positive mindset, more vibrant energy and I accept all parts of who I am. Kelsey is very involved and cares about each one of her clients. This is well worth it and you have the tools for a lifetime.

Let's create this...

- You wake up with so much energy and excitement, you make your coffee, do your morning ritual and can't wait for your day to begin 

- You show up confidently in your life and you stop dimming your light

- You schedule out some time in your day to dedicate to just yourself without feeling guilty for it 

- Anxiety starts to creep in, it doesn't phase you because you have the tools to tap back into your truth and it doesn't ruin your day

-  You check yourself out in the mirror and you start believing the affirmations you tell yourself

- You politely say no to your friend who asks you to hang out without feeling guilty for it because you've set healthy boundaries and only do the things that fill your cup 

- You are either single and loving it or in your dream relationship that you attracted with ease

-  You have a consistent self care practice and you meditate daily 

- You feel so tapped into your intuition and are living out your Divine Purpose

- You discover that there is a new way to live life and the one you've been living no longer exists 

Results others are getting..


How do I know if I'm ready?
Honestly, if going deeper and taking a hard look at your shadows SCARES THE F OUT OF YOU and excites you at the same time.....then you are ready. The Universe wouldn't have guided you to this page if you weren't ready. You took the time to make it ALL the way down to the FAQs page...YOU ARE READY. 

Also, the pricing for this program goes up every single time I open it for enrollment. As I grow, you grow.
When does Divine Goddess Academy Start?
It starts one - two weeks after you enroll in the program. There are limited spots available per round, as I want to make sure my clients are getting the attention they need.  

Will Divine Goddess Academy work for me? 
It honestly is up to YOU to make it work. If you follow everything I teach you, put in the inner work and believe that you were made for more then DGA will work for you. 
I work a Full Time Job - Will I have time for this?
Yes! I've also worked with several clients who are working moms too and they make it work. You have time for the things that are important to you. As long as you make healing one of your priorities, you will be able to make it work. 

Results others are getting...

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